1. THE GAME’s Rules

    The Game:

    Through any means possible, each player will strive to create $20,000 or more of debt-free capital over 4 months. This capital must be fully available to be invested at the close of the game. Up until this point, it can traded, invested or gambled as you see fit.

    Each month all the players who are not in the lead will be publicly hazed to ensure they play all out. Non-player’s such as friends, coworkers, family etc. can email, blog or fb what hazes they think would be good to kick the player in the butt, and the other players will pick from these, so get your thinking caps on people, your hazes count!

    A percentage of each player’s total capital at the end of the game will be donated to the individual player’s chosen charity.

    Duration: 4 months

    Begins Thursday March 17th - Ends Thursday June 16th

    Victory Conditions: The player who has the most free capital at the end of the four months wins. Updates of will be posted on individual player blogs every thursday.

    Minimum starting game capital: $500.

    Starting number of players: 5.

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