1. The Money Game

    The Game:

    Through any means possible, each player will strive to create $20,000 of debt-free capital over 4 months. This capital must be fully available to be invested at the close of the game. Each month all the players who are not in the lead will be publicly hazed to ensure they play all out. A percentage of each player’s total capital at the end of the game will be donated to the individual player’s chosen charity. 

    Duration: 4 months

    Begins Thursday March 17th - Ends Thursday June 16th

    Victory Conditions: The first player to reach $20,000 or more in free capital ready to invest wins.

    Minimum starting game capital: $500.

    Starting number of players: 5.

    How do I plan to do it?

    I plan to complete my marketing strategy for myself as a Filmmaker and Video producer. What that requires is

    1. having a customised page on www.holisticperceptions.com just to promote myself as an Artist.
    2. Cutting a Cinematography Reel and Wildlife reel.
    3. Ringing all of the companies in Brisbane and enrol them in who I am.

    I will be preparing a budget, and tracking my spending to reduce any unnecessary spending.

    I will purchase the Trading Pursuits course which will update my existing skill set in trading options and teach me Forex and CFDs as well.

    I will then follow the Cashflow 202 path. With a focus on raising capital. I will use Options, CFD’s and Forex to trading international markets. Also, if time permits I may delve into Property options through the Rick Otton’s trading course I have at home.

    I am also starting a podcast show and will be looking at more ways to invest and looking to find a mentor.

    Investing Experience

    I have traded Options in the U.S. before. This went really well until I lost my discipline.

    I have also read into many forms of invested and have a clear idea of different forms of investing.

    I work as a Camera Operator and freelance video producer.

    Follow my progress on


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